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About Us 

A little bit about us and how it all started for

our small glamping site.

Ben and Sam Lamb, the two brothers who started Lambs Glamping

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Lambs Glamping is located at Moorhay farm where our family has lived for over 40 years.

Before the pods


Me and my brother (Ben and Sam Lamb) originally started in the sector by setting up a campsite in 2015; we had absolutely no idea how it would go! We have always had fond memories of camping in our younger days and thought, "We would love to come camping here, so others will". Well, we must of done something right because "Moorhay Caravan and Camping" proved to be very popular and rated very well by our valued customers.

How we created our glamping site


Fast forward about 5 years and there was a nationwide lockdown. We had always wanted to have pods but this gave us lots of time to think things through and plan our pod idea. After awhile we decided to take the risk and turn our camping site into a glamping site!

We knew this would not be easy, and one thing we had was time, but as we were builders with 20+ years of experience between us we thought we would custom make the pods to our own design from scratch!



We first made 2 pods. Then we gave them a patio area and a hot tub each. Straight away people loved them and started rebooking; even using them to host their special events like anniversaries, honeymoons and birthdays. After seeing this we decided it was time to make another, so the builders boots and hard hats went back on, a few months later and we now have our 3rd pod with an electric hot tub making our site complete!

We always wanted to create a unique place to stay that was unlike anywhere else, so we like the idea of keeping our site small so it stays peaceful. private and special!

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